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Our hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. 

Welcome To Mother Earth Recycling

Everyone knows that recycling is good for the environment. Mother Earth Recycling has found a way to use sustainable waste management practices to create jobs and training opportunities for people in Winnipeg. Focusing on high priority recyclables such as electronics and household hazardous waste, Mother Earth Recycling will operate as a social enterprise. This means that it will conduct business and provide reliable, affordable service just like any other waste management company. But rather that being driven by profits, MER will contribute to the well-being of the Aboriginal community in Winnipeg by providing employment for people facing barriers to employment. For MER, profits will be used as a tool to achieve their goal of creating economic opportunities for Aboriginal individuals in Manitoba.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. It’s a mantra most are familiar with. MER has found a way to leverage the environmental benefits of recycling in a way that also creates employment opportunities, develops skills for vulnerable populations, and builds stronger Aboriginal communities. The next time you upgrade your personal electronics or need to dispose of your outdated computer, be sure to contact Mother Earth Recycling at 204-942-7900.

Mother Earth Recycling purchased Syrotech Industries including the store and e-commerce site. Click Here to access our e-commerce site.

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