Mattresses and Box Springs


We are Winnipeg’s first and ONLY Mattress Recycling Facility. The process for mattress recycling is to separate the fabrics, foam, metal, and wood, to be recycled.

5 Steps on how you can recycle your old Mattress and Box Spring:

Step one: Quality of your Mattress

Is your mattress/boxspring “clean” and dry? If so… move to step two! If not, please contact 311 for a Bulk Waste pick up. We need to keep our facility free of insects, and we cannot recycle wet mattresses (don’t leave them outside, they can grow mold faster than they can dry!) but we do know that all mattresses discolor and get dirty over time, that’s fine!

Step Two: Be Aware of the Recycling Fees

We charge $15 per piece to recycle mattresses and box springs. The reason for this fee is because there are no environmental levy’s at the time of purchase on furniture (like those you see on pop bottles, electronics, tires, etc.) so we are left to collect the recycling fee at the end of use. We accept Cash, Credit, and Debit.

Step Three: Drop off or Pick up?

Drop Off: You can drop off yourself at 771 Main Street (loading doors at the rear of the building off Austin Street) Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. No appointment needed. The $15 per piece fee needs to be paid at the time of drop off.

Pick Up: We offer a pickup service for a fee of $50 per pick up (plus the $15 per piece recycling fee).

For pickups, you can call 204-942-7900 with your contact info, number of units and payment info.

Step Four: We Recycle your Mattress and Box Spring

We separate your units into fabric, foam, metal, and wood. All of which can be recycled! This is a labor-intensive process, and we use this opportunity to train staff who face barriers to employment and help them get back into the workforce. All the materials make their way into secondary markets (foam into carpet underlay, metal into cans, wood into crafts or firewood, and so on). At the end of the day, the only leftovers are a few pieces of fabric, some plastic corners off box springs and the occasional zipper!

Step Five: Give yourself a High Five for being Awesome to our Planet!

And spread the word about Mother Earth Recycling!