Secure Data Destruction

Mother Earth Recycling provides secure data destruction.

We issue Certificates of Destruction and can film your Hard Drives and other devices being destroyed for verification.

There are several methods employed in data destruction:

Drive or media wiping – this employs one or more of several techniques that can include software or that application magnetic forces

Physical destruction of the entire drive – compression is applied to the drive or media, crushing and breaking the entire unit

Shredding – the entire drive or media are shredded into small unreadable bits of material

Penetration of the data holding platter or media – blunt force or drilling of the media or platters renders the data inaccessible and unable to be read

MER is capable of all of the methods.  All methods are secure and documented for your records. There are fees associated with these processes, for a quote please contact our office at 204 942-7900.