About Mother Earth Recycling

Mother Earth Recycling (MER) is a Winnipeg-based social enterprise. Our mission is to provide responsible high quality recycling services while providing training and employment opportunities to the Aboriginal community. MER recycles used mattresses, box springs and electronic equipment and is owned by the Neeginan Centre, Centre for Aboriginal Human Resource Development, and the Aboriginal Council of Winnipeg, located in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

As a trusted partner to government agencies, non-profits and private corporations, MER offers best-in-class mattress and e-waste pick up and drop off from individuals, companies and distributors across Manitoba. While our mattress recycling program is newly launched, our electronic waste recycling facility has met or exceeded EPRA regulations and guidelines and been fully operational since 2012.

Part of the early success of MER is due to its innovative collaboration and partnerships. Our social enterprise is owners, and all three levels of government have invested resources in the development of MER. The private sector has also recognized the potential of MER by committing to help the social enterprise reach its potential.

As our business activities diversify and grow, MER will be able to provide more employment and training opportunities for the Aboriginal Community in Winnipeg. An expanded business portfolio will also maximize our ability to make positive environmental impacts, while ensuring the long-term financial sustainability of our social enterprise.

The act of recycling has cultural significance for Aboriginal communities. Embedded within traditional Aboriginal worldviews is the concept of collective responsibility to respect and maintain the natural environment, and use only what is needed for sustenance. While we work with modern technologies, our commitment to environmental sustainability will allow our Aboriginal employees to reconnect with an integral part of their culture.