Personal computers and household electronics are improving at a rapid pace. However our pursuit of the latest in electronic products generates a great deal of waste that can be dangerous if not managed properly.

The typical personal computer or laptop may contain toxic substances, like dioxins, polychlorinated biphenyls, cadmium, radioactive isotopes, and mercury. Moreover, even broken computers and electronics contain useful components that can be recycled or refurbished.

That’s where Mother Earth Recycling comes in.

We specialize in the recycling of electronics and electrical equipment. Our staff have been doing this for more than 27 years and are considered by many to be the largest and most trusted electronics recyclers in Manitoba.

MER recycles all electronic equipment, regardless of where it came from or how old it is. Mother Earth Recycling has no restrictions on the type, or source of the electronics you need recycled. Mother Earth accepts all electronics, although some items may have a disposal or collection fee.

The following is a partial list of items that may not be accepted by other recyclers but Mother Earth Recycling would be happy to receive:

  • Rack mount and floor standing servers
  • UPS or uninterruptable power supplies
  • Cash registers and POS (point of sale) systems
  • Calculators, some PDAs and many other handheld computer devices
  • Electronic whiteboards, 3D glasses
  • Cables, wires, connectors, breakers, cabinets, motors, shafts, tools
  • Vacuums, polishers, sanders
  • Batteries
  • Floor standing printers and photocopiers
  • Receipt printers, joysticks or game controllers, magnetic strip readers
  • Modems, hubs, switches, routers and mobile internet sticks
  • Production cameras or video equipment, microphones or recording equipment, public address systems
  • Satellite dishes (metal only), LNBs, broadcasters, 2-way radios, wireless and WI-FI antennas, connectors and switches
  • GPS systems, satellite receivers, e-readers, two way radios, FM transmitters

MER also provides secure data destruction and Hard Drive destruction services. Our staff is trained to ensure that your data remains secure until destruction and we issue Certificates of Destruction as your record. At your request MER will securely destroy all data and devices that contain data. Remember that data may be contained on many other materials such as:

  • Phones
  • Thumb and stick drives
  • Portal HDs
  • Diskettes
  • CD, DVDs
  • Memory cards
  • Cameras
  • PDAs

Did you know that over 90% of the average mattress is recyclable? We are proud to offer Manitoba’s first and only mattress recycling program!

We break down the mattresses into four basic recyclables: wood, steel, fabric and foam, and make sure that they stay out of Manitoba landfills.

We are partnered with IKEA Winnipeg and Sleep Country Winnipeg on this project.